Discover the Micro Pensions Scheme in Nigeria: Take ownership and Secure Your Financial Future


Are you self-employed and/or someone who works in the vibrant informal sector of Nigeria? Do you employ an informal worker? If so, have you ever wondered how you can ensure a financially secure retirement? Well, look no further! In Nigeria, a ground-breaking initiative called the Micro Pensions scheme is now available to you, specifically designed to empower individuals like you to take control of your future. This blog post is your ticket to unravelling the incredible potential of this scheme, understanding how it can benefit you, and ultimately paving the way for a more prosperous retirement. Do not think you can work forever. You can’t! So, get ready to embark on a journey that will ignite your desire to learn more about this remarkable opportunity!


Embracing Inclusion for You

You, as a valuable worker in the informal sector, deserve financial security in retirement. The Micro Pensions scheme recognizes your vital contributions to the economy and aims to include you in the pension system. It's time to break free from the uncertainty that surrounds retirement planning for informal workers. With the Micro Pensions scheme, you have the chance to save and invest for a secure future, finally gaining the peace of mind you deserve.


Flexibility for Your Unique Situation

Unlike traditional pension schemes that may seem out of reach for workers like you, the Micro Pensions scheme offers unparalleled flexibility tailored to your needs. You have the power to determine the frequency and amount of your contributions. Whether you prefer daily, weekly, monthly, or irregular contributions, the scheme accommodates your income patterns. Finally, a pension system that adapts to your financial capabilities and allows you to build your retirement fund at your own pace.


Expert Guidance to Safeguard Your Retirement Wealth

The Micro Pensions scheme values your hard-earned savings. That's why licensed Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) step in as your trusted partners. These experts oversee the investment of your contributions, ensuring your retirement funds grow steadily over time. With their experience and knowledge, PFAs navigate the investment landscape, securing the best returns for you. Rest assured that your money is in capable hands, so you can focus on dreaming about your ideal retirement.


Building a Brighter Future for Yourself

Imagine a future where you have the financial resources to enjoy a comfortable retirement. The Micro Pensions scheme is your pathway to making that dream a reality. By embracing long-term financial planning and cultivating a savings mindset, you take charge of your future and break free from the cycle of dependency. As you secure your retirement, you contribute to a more prosperous and inclusive society. The scheme not only transforms your life but also stimulates economic growth, reducing poverty and inequality.


Who is an Informal Worker

Whilst our list is not exhaustive, here’s some examples of informal workers:

·      Street vendors and hawkers: Individuals selling goods, such as food, clothing, or household items, on the streets, sidewalks, or public spaces without a formal shop or business establishment.

·      Artisans and craftsmen: Skilled workers, like carpenters, tailors, weavers, potters, and blacksmiths, who provide their services and products directly to customers, often operating from home-based workshops or small workspaces.

·      Farmers and agricultural workers: Rural farmers and agricultural laborers who cultivate crops, rear livestock, or engage in fishing activities outside of large-scale commercial farming operations.

·      Domestic workers: House helps, security guards, cooks, gardeners, and other individuals providing household services on an informal basis, often without formal contracts or legal protections.

·      Transport operators: Motorcycle and tricycle riders (popularly known as "Okada" and "Keke Napep" respectively in Nigeria), taxi drivers, and other individuals providing transportation services without formal taxi companies or permits.

·      Construction workers: Laborers involved in construction projects who often work on a temporary or project-based basis, without formal employment.

·      Small-scale entrepreneurs: Micro and small business owners, such as small-scale retailers, hairdressers, barbers, and repair technicians, who operate independently or within informal clusters or markets.



Dear friend, the Micro Pensions scheme holds tremendous potential for your financial future. It provides an opportunity for you, as an individual working in the informal sector, to ensure a secure retirement. Through accessible and flexible options, tailored to your unique circumstances, the scheme empowers you to take control of your destiny. With expert PFAs guiding your investments, your hard-earned savings are in safe hands. So, don't let retirement worries cloud your mind any longer—embrace the Micro Pensions scheme, secure your financial future, and unlock a brighter tomorrow for yourself. The time has come to make your dreams a reality.




Performance of Micro Pension Funds since inception